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NDN Face Claims


  • Jesse Williams 


  • Boo Boo Stewart

yabamena replied to your post: Biracial/ Multiracial Face Claims

Just commenting to let you know that Willy Cartier is also half white. I wouldn’t have said, but I notice you included White for Shay Mitchell and Victoria Justice, so just putting that out there.

Thanks, don’t know how missed that.

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Biracial/ Multiracial Face Claims
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Anonymous asked: maybe you could have a biracial/multiracial list? (and revamp the playable ages page??? like... separate by age range. also maybe include the age range in the other posts?)

Sure! All lists aren’t finalized so this can definitely be done.

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Question for NDN followers.

What would you prefer the list for Native American face claims to be called?

Wikipedia (I know it isn’t the best site to look at) has everyone separated as Native American actors/actresses, First Nations actors/actresses, and Aboriginal Peoples.


Black Face Claims




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